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youcan said...

Here's a way to get Two 2009 Entertainment Books for a profit of 2 USD! (Maybe a way to pick up some real cheap non-thrift store finds this year?)

Read how at


I'm thrilled to have been able to buy 2 Entertainment Books this year for a profit of 2 USD!

Here's how I did it, using excellent advice from Swap Savers and tweaking their advice a bit.

I think that you could actually keep making a bigger and bigger profit the more books you buy - as each extra one costs less than the previous one. Has anyone tried this?

1. Sign up for Cashbaq.

2. Get $5 bonus in account for sign up.

3. Buy 2 Entertainment Books (my area's regular priced ones were 30 USD but yours might be less).

4. Automatic discount of 10 USD per book.

5. Say you want "automatic renewal" - this means that they will take off another 5 USD, and in a few months you will get a card in the mail you can cancel.

6. Receive 10 USD cash back per book from Cashbaq.

Out of Pocket: 23 USD
Will Receive: 25 USD in Cashbaq rebates.
Profit of 2 USD!

And there will be TONS of profits to come from using those coupons!

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