:::Linen & Things:::

Linens N Things has a great deal this week! These select Black and Decker products are $29.99 and they are offering a $25 Linens N Things gift card if you mail in your receipt. Here is the rebate form. If they let you use a 20% off coupon, you will only pay $23.99 for the item and get a $25 gift card.

:::thx to Bargain Shopper Lady for this great tip:::

:::Huggies Target Coupon:::

Match up this great Target coupon for Huggies items with a Manufacturer coupon for fantastic savings!


Just a reminder, you can "stack" a Target coupon and a Manufacturer coupon for the same item! I'm going to stock up on wipes... if I'm doing the math correctly, it will be around 20 cents per box of wipes!


See a Movie for Free

If you are in Kansas City, check out the Legends Shopping Center in Wyandotte County by Great Wolf Lodge, the Kansas Speedway and Cabelas...

The have free Christmas movies each Saturday at 9:30a in the morning... first come, first serve basis. Here is the movie line-up:

Free Holiday Movies at The Legends 14 Theatre. Every Saturday, November 24 - December 22 at 10 a.m.Don't miss out on your chance to see favorite holiday movies on the big screen --for free! Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Call The Legends 14 Theatre for more information at 913-428-2978.

November 124: Elf

December 1: The Grinch
December 8: A Christmas Story
December 15: Christmas Vacation
December 22: The Polar Express

Legends Website is: http://www.legendsshopping.com/default.asp


More Target News!

After visiting another blog, (http://thriftyfloridamama.blogspot.com/), I realized I did not give a more in depth overview of some of the AWESOME deals this week at Target:

(from Thrifty Florida Mama)

1. Stovetop Stuffing. It is on sale for $.79 per box. Use 4 of the Target Printables (TP) that are 50 cents off each and pay only $.29 per box. If you have found some of the tearpad coupons for Buy 3 Get 1 Free then you can buy 4 boxes for $.87 total.

2. Market Pantry Frozen Turkeys. On sale for $.68 per pound. Use the $2 off coupon and get a good deal.

3. M&Ms bags of candy are on sale for $2.00. Buy 2 bags and use 2 TP and 1 coupon from Sunday's paper for $1 off 2 bags and pay only $.50 per bag.

4. Betty Crocker cake mixes on sale for $.94. Use the $.50 TP and pay only $.44 per box5. Cheetos and Fritos on sale for $1.50. Use the 1 TP and pay only $.50 per bag.

6. Swiss Miss hot chocolate on sale for $.99. I don't know of any coupons but this is a great sale price.

7. Vegetables- Buy broccoli, cauliflower, or celery and get $1.00 off. There are rarely coupons for fresh veggies.

8. Playtex Tampons- Buy 2 boxes of 36 count Sport and use 2 $2.50 off coupons found at http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?When you check out the cashier will be prompted to give you a $5.00 gift card./

Free 8X10 from Walgreens

Walgreens is offering a free 8″x10″ photo with code FREE8X10 and free in-store pickup.

Perfect for all those photos I've taken for you this year :)



I rather enjoy the hunt, the adventure and the thrill of shopping on Black Friday. Valerie and I join forces (kind of like the Super Twins from cartoon days gone by) and hit the stores with our game plan in mind!

Now, we do not wait until Thanksgiving day to begin our plan... no no no.

We visit a website that already has scans of ads from stores such as Kohl's, Target, Best Buy, etc for Black Friday 2007!!!

Wanna go peak??



Got Coupons??? At Target

Here is a link to a great website called A Full up. On here, there is a Target coupon generator. It keeps a hold of the current Target coupons from various weeks. You can click on the coupon and generate how many of that one you want.


When it prompts you "OK" or "CANCEL", when you hit cancel, the coupons you selected will then pop up for printing. Took me a bit to figure that out :)



You can stack coupons at Target. That means you can use a Target coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on the same item. Some Target stores may restrict you on quantity (I usually do about 5 at time of a like item), but they should let you use both.

If you run into problems, let me know. I have letters from Target Corporate that states what their policy is and I take it with me to the store in case I get any grief. I haven't had any problems to date... knock on wood.


Target... Oh How I Love Thee... Halloween Deals to keep an eye out for

Yes, I know... Halloween is over. BUT, that doesn't mean the deals are gone. They are hiding all over the store... Keep your eye out for these:

Making Memories Halloween foam stamp and paint kit 054-24-3082, orig. $19.99, rang up at $1.99

Making Memories Halloween photo wreath kit 054-24-2841, orig. $19.99, rang up at $1.99

Making Memories Halloween Wall Text & Decor 054-24-2843, orig. $12.99, rang up at $1.29

Pop Secret popcorn (big green Frankenstein fist on the front) 071-95-0046, 6 bags per box, orig. $3.00, rang up at .30 a box

Also, tailigaiting items for the KC Chiefs are on sale between 50%-75% off. Great Christmas gift for the Chiefs fan in your family!

Thanks to the Schuman Family Blog for head's up on these deals!

The Limited

Here is a link to a great coupon at The Limited that will get you $15 off your purchase... NO Minimum purchase required... great for jewelry!


Expires THIS Sunday... 11/11/07

Extra savings at Kohl's

Either online or in the store, Kohl's has a 50% off sale on selected items through Thursday, 11/1/07.... TODAY!! In addition... shop online with the code below and get and ADDITIONAL 20% off your item(s). WOW! Great for gifting... I'm getting jammies for the boys.

If you shop online, use the code OCTOBER20 to get the additional 20% off.

Happy Shopping!

Target... Q's for the Holidays

Target has a lot of online coupons, which a lot of people do not know.

I came upon to this year's toys coupons for Target. Be on the lookout for the manufacturer coupons to "stack" with the Target Q's. Target allows you to use one of their coupons AND the manufacturer coupon for the same item... allowing you to save MORE, MORE, MORE!


Watch the coupon inserts for board games from Hasbro as their is a Target Q for this as well. Not unheard of to end up getting tons of games for free... gift to family, friends or donate to the Angel Tree or other charitable organization this holiday season!

Halloween Score Today at Target

I have to admit... I am afraid to go into Target. Why? Because it has this evil, red, pulsating bullseye that entices you to pick up more things than you went into the store to purchase in the first place.

I have heard over and over again from colleagues, friends and family that they cannot seem to get out of Target for less than $100. Gotta be honest... I can't remember the last time I SPENT $100 in Target.

This afternoon, I wanted to hit Target before a few sales ended and coupons expired. Here is my purchase:

(9) jars of Ragu spaghetti sauce
(8) boxes of Toaster Struedel
(20) bags of Hershey brand Halloween candy (Take 5, Milk Duds, Reeces, etc)

Shelf price: $68.xx
OOP (out of pocket): $8.97

Whooo Hooo... did a little happy dance out the store. Considering we eat an Italian meal 1X a week, the pasta sauce will come in handy. And, Jordan (our oldest) and I love them yummy Toaster Strudels!

I ended getting the bags of Halloween Candy for... ready for this?? 17 cents a bag! I love coupons. I never thought I would be one to take the time to use them, but we have gone from $500 per month for 4 people and a doggie to $200 per month. Amazing! Stockpiling during sales is key!

Who doesn't love to say a buck?

Well, I have not many people who don't want to keep a few extra greenbacks in their pocket.

In this blog, I will be sharing ideas, links, etc of great deals and how to save money on those ever-so-costly things we purchase everyday.


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