Got Coupons??? At Target

Here is a link to a great website called A Full up. On here, there is a Target coupon generator. It keeps a hold of the current Target coupons from various weeks. You can click on the coupon and generate how many of that one you want.

When it prompts you "OK" or "CANCEL", when you hit cancel, the coupons you selected will then pop up for printing. Took me a bit to figure that out :)



You can stack coupons at Target. That means you can use a Target coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on the same item. Some Target stores may restrict you on quantity (I usually do about 5 at time of a like item), but they should let you use both.

If you run into problems, let me know. I have letters from Target Corporate that states what their policy is and I take it with me to the store in case I get any grief. I haven't had any problems to date... knock on wood.



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