Halloween Score Today at Target

I have to admit... I am afraid to go into Target. Why? Because it has this evil, red, pulsating bullseye that entices you to pick up more things than you went into the store to purchase in the first place.

I have heard over and over again from colleagues, friends and family that they cannot seem to get out of Target for less than $100. Gotta be honest... I can't remember the last time I SPENT $100 in Target.

This afternoon, I wanted to hit Target before a few sales ended and coupons expired. Here is my purchase:

(9) jars of Ragu spaghetti sauce
(8) boxes of Toaster Struedel
(20) bags of Hershey brand Halloween candy (Take 5, Milk Duds, Reeces, etc)

Shelf price: $68.xx
OOP (out of pocket): $8.97

Whooo Hooo... did a little happy dance out the store. Considering we eat an Italian meal 1X a week, the pasta sauce will come in handy. And, Jordan (our oldest) and I love them yummy Toaster Strudels!

I ended getting the bags of Halloween Candy for... ready for this?? 17 cents a bag! I love coupons. I never thought I would be one to take the time to use them, but we have gone from $500 per month for 4 people and a doggie to $200 per month. Amazing! Stockpiling during sales is key!


Keira said...

i did not know you were frugal!! I have a copy of the 'tightwad gazette' purchased used, of corse, on amazon for a few dollars.

We can share stories! I love to be frugal... it's an art form!

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