Another Trip to CVS

I was getting really disappointed that I was never going to find some of the March monthly deals at CVS. But, I guess you just have to hit the right store.

Here is a picture of what I picked up for FREE today at CVS:

(2) Venus Embrace Razors ($4 MQ x 2)- still need to get 3 more as this is a Limit 5 deal for March

(2) Crest Pro Health Night Rinse ($1 MQ x 2)

(3) Lypsyl balms (this was all they had... I wanted 5) ($1 MQ X 3)

(5) Life Fitness patches (to help aches & pain)

Total $47

$5/$15 CVS Q

and balance was $22.30

paid with ECBs

23 cents (tax balance)


mom_of2boys said...

Great trip! I wish I could find the monthly deals too. I have been trying to find them at 4 local stores - nothing!

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