Walgreens Fun

Stopped by Walgreens tonight to take Walgreens up on their fabulous Jane Makeup BOGO sale. It seems that Jane has been BOGO'd a few times since the first of the year. Tons of cool, free makeup in my stockpile.

Here is what I got for 42 cents oop as I used one of my $4 Register Reward coupons:

I'll be going back a few times to Walgreens this week to get more free Jane Makeup. I have a 13 year old niece who will enjoy my extras.

Plus, I met the awesome cosmetic supervisor in G-town (where I live in the KC Metro), Bre. She was fabulous. It certainly pays to have the cosmetics counter check you out. Remember, they make commission on their sales... so they are VERY helpful!!!


mom_of2boys said...

Can't beat free makeup! I've got a whole basket full and plan on getting more. My 2 someday-to-be step daughters will be getting it in their Easter baskets as well as my neice.

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