What? I've been where?

Ummm, not sure why I have been so laxed in updating this blog (1 of 5 - yikes). Perhaps my 'side job' has taken too much time (photography biz) or the kiddos in soccer, baseball, track, youth group, guitar lessons or hubby's much needed desire to go camping.

With all of that being said, I'm reknewing my commitment to come to you with rock star deals and frugal fun.

I love comments!


Maggie said...

I've missed you!!! Rarely do I come across a great deal (I'm kinda lazy and don't clip coupons like I should, etc.)... but I always think of you when I'm out and about shopping or passing a Walgreens or a Big Lots! :) I love your blog posts, they inspire me to try harder!

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