A Camping We Will Go... A Camping We Will Go

We are going MIA for a few days over the 4th of July with family who we consider friends (and the other way around) to Lake Perry. We get the best spot for our large group (thanks Justin) and hang out with the best people.

We are not taking a vacation as we have in years past so this fun 4-5 days at the lake will substitute.

I'm looking for great campfire menus. We have all sorts of cooking equipment amongst us all, so tools for cooking- not a problem.

Here is the menu I have so far:

Breakfast Burritos (egg, bacon or sausage, cheese wrapped in tortillas)
Pancakes/Sausage (using the bisquick shake n pour- it works fabulous!)
Muffins (pre-making these to take with us!)
Yogurt, granola, peaches (for mom!)

Sandwiches- (lunchmeat/cheese or PBJ)
Pizza Mountain Pies (instead of the cherry pies- using pizza sauce-homemade- pepperonis, mozzeralla cheese)
--need a couple of other ideas here!--

Hot Dogs
Hamburgers (premade patties)
Chicken packets (in tinfoil)
Corn on the Cob
Hobo stew
--open to other suggestions here--

Fresh Fruit (canteloupe, watermelon, strawberries)
granola bars
trail mix (making myself with ingredients from the 'organic' shop at HyVee)
rice krispie treats (making before we go- better make a double batch)
ritz bitz crackers
goldfish crackers
animal crackers

now, my smores are NOT the typical graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallows...

here's my 'recipe'

fudge striped cookies (package at Walmart is $1.15 right now)
peanut butter

we get the marshmallows roasting
then spread peanut butter one of the chocolate sides of one cookie
place the gooey toasted marshmallow between 2 cookies and enjoy.


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