Free Peanut Butter!

Walmart has Peter Pan Peanut Butter on sale right now in all styles for $1. In today's (1/6/08) coupon inserts, there is a $1 manf. coupon.... yes, you guessed it.. Free Peanut Butter!

If your household is like mine, peanut butter is something we cannot run out of!



Gina said...

Wonderful! I just love free, don't you? Peanut butter will be on sale tons of places right now, so they can get their brand back out after the fiasco last year. I have about 30 coupons, so we should be good on peanut butter for a while. The Electrasol is a good one, too. Don't forget that Buddies/Johnson & Johnson coupon -- it makes the small bar soaps free, too.

Crazy, Busy, Ordinary Life said...


I almost forgot about the great J&J Q... the buddies bars are generally $1 or less at most stores. Thx for the reminder!

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