Toy & Christmas Clearance ::: Target

Starting today, Christmas Clearance should be 75% off [minimum of 50%]. Since I am on vacation this week, I'm going today to see if I can do any coupon matchups for extrodinary savings!

If so, I will certainly post pics later.

Also, Targets semi-annual toy clearance has started at 30%. I, of course, will wait until it's at 75% [my rule] to stock up for gifts for the year of 2010 [gulp] and Christmas next year.

TIP: make a list of EVERYONE you will need to buy gifts for in the next year. Include a few extra birthday party gifts that your child[ren] will tell you last minute they have been invited to a friend's party.

CHALLENGE: only buy the items at 75% off or more and track your savings. I will be!


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