Valentine's @ Home

I am amazed at-- how when I put a lot of thought into something with the frugal kicker attached-- what I can come up with for a holiday at home.

Granted, Valentine's Day is not a major holiday, but when I was young, we did not celebrate anything really. Even my birthday. No... we were not jehovah witnesses.. just broke. I still felt like a homemade card would have been better than ignoring the day all together.

So, these days, I live vicaroiusly through my children and really make a big deal out of holidays, mostly by traditions we start, food I prepare and spending TIME together.

For Valentine's, here is what we did:

Breakfast- heart shaped choco-chip pancakes with sliced strawberries, syrup and orange juice
Lunch- Sandwiches and a trip to the library for some kiddo dvds
Dinner- (my fave of the day)
Marinated Bruschetta
Grilled Shrimp on avacado balsamic bed
Garlic butter asparagus
Chicken piare with herbed cream cheese wrapped in prosciutto ham (OMG, this was so good)

and for dessert...............

Chocolate Fondue!!
the boys loved this! Although, the little man only dipped one thing and then just ate strawberries naked.

After the kiddos went to bed, the hubs and I by the fireplace, cheese platter, strawberries and a nice tingly Reisling wine. Yes, we drank the whole bottle.

Total cost for our Valentine's day dinner and festivities $37.22


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