How to Plan Valentine's Day On A Budget

By CoastalGuy, eHow Member

Plan Valentine's Day On A Budget Rate:

So your pocketbook is lean but your love isn't. How do you shower your beloved with adoration without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas to help keep her heart happy.

Things You’ll Need:
A little creativity
Paper (construction or otherwise)
Picnic Basket (optional)
Bubble bath

While Hallmark is great for many occasions, store bought cards can be expensive and generic. Why not make your own Valentine's Day card? It can be as simple as using some construction paper and writing something personalized from the heart. Or, if you're computer savvy, hop on the computer and create a card there. Better yet, upload a photo of the two of you and presto -- instant card with an abundance of heartfelt sentiments!

Flower shops make a killing this time of year. Why not avoid the hassle? And who says you need to give red roses on Valentine's Day, anyway? If you're lucky enough to live in a warm climate, why not pick your own bouquet of flowers? Better yet, it's free! If you can't, then I suggest going to the grocery store and creating your own arrangement. Face it, every gift that you put a little of "yourself" into is going to be much more appreciated than any easily store-bought item.

Send your Valentine romantic text messages or emails throughout the day, leading up to the promise of a romantic evening once home. It also shows that you're thinking about her all day long.

Chill a bottle of champagne. Wait, did I say champagne? Who says champagne needs to be expensive? Buy the less expensive brand and then make a mimosa, Bellini, or Kir Royale. (These are drinks that you mix champagne with orange juice or raspberries, thus the quality of the champagne isn't necessarily as important.)

Don't have money for a gift? Make your own coupon book! Cut some paper in strips and list all the things you'd like to do to make Valentine's Day last more than just one day a year. Let your imagination soar. Simple coupon examples include "Redeemable for one back rub anytime" or "Redeemable for one home-cooked romantic dinner" or "Redeemable for one night of passion."

When your beloved arrives home, lead her with flowers to an awaiting bubble-bath.

For dinner, dim the lights, light some candles (or better yet, the fireplace!), throw a blanket on the floor and have a candle-light picnic at home. Your picnic basket can include the champagne, or maybe some strawberries and dipping chocolate you picked up from the grocery store. Allow your senses to open and enjoy feeding each other!

Enjoy the company of the one you love!

For an extra bonus, in the morning serve him/her breakfast in bed!



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