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courtesy of Little People Wealth... a Kansas City blogger about great deals! Ck it out!

See her deals below!

Items start at $1.99, with a 50% off coupon code ($1.00) and a 4% rebate ($0.96)!

STEP ONE: Start at Mr. Rebates. If you do not have an account with them then they will give you an extra $5 when you sign up. Use their link to get into Old Navy.

STEP TWO: Pick out what you want! Click on the "clearance" section and you can search by size/gender. They even have maternity clothes!

STEP THREE: Checkout and use the code HALFOFF to get an extra 50% off the clearance items. Shipping is $7 and you will be charged tax.

STEP FOUR: You will be reimbursed another 4% of your order through Mr. Rebates.

Here is what I bought for $27 shipped (regular $119.00 before tax)!


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