Freepeats NOW in Kansas City

Freepeats Kansas City and Freepeats San Francisco are now open!

Free Freepeats Philadelphia membership through 7/16.What's Freepeats? Freepeats lets you be green with your old blue and pink! Members pass on gently-used baby, kid and maternity stuff for free to local families who can use it. That means FREE baby stuff like clothes, toys, books, dvds, formula, gear and more near you!

San Francisco and Kansas City-area members who sign up before July 16 get free lifetime membership. Sign up after that and get lifetime membership in Freepeats for a one-time membership fee of $4.95.Free lifetime membership in Freepeats Philly continues through July 16. Philly was one of our first groups, and we thought we'd give folks a second chance to join for free.You'll find Freepeats groups in 21 major U.S. cities now with more than 4500 members. Look for new groups in up to 20 more cities this year. Who's next? Freepeats Portland and Freepeats San Diego open July 16 and then we're back home to the South. Freepeats Birmingham and Freepeats Raleigh open August 1. Fill out this form and we'll let you know when Freepeats comes to your town.


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