Target Deals... Week of 3/16/08

Here are some deals I am hoping to get in on this week at Target:

Market Pantry Saltine Crackers .97
TQ. 50= .47
Market Pantry Orange Juice (frozen) .89
TQ .50 = .39
Nabico Cookies/Crackers... looking for the Barnum Animal Crackers @ .50 ea
TQ $1.00/2= free!
All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergent Trial Size $1.00
MQ $1= free!
Green Giant Frozen Veggies- price tbd
TQ $1.00/2 and MQ .55/1- should be good end price

To get Target Coupons, go here. You can 'stack' at Target, meaning you can use ONE Target coupon and ONE manufacturer coupon per item.

If you have any grief from your Target store, let me know and I will forward you the Target coupon policy. I keep it in my binder with me.


Kim said...

Excellent, thanks for the Target deals. We go through a lot of saltines, they work wonders with a cranky 13 month old :)

Anonymous said...

I love the blogGODing Revolution! We so need that as mommies!
It's awesome to see that God can use anything for His glory there are so many things the computer can be used for that are bad and yet He can still make it glorify Him with good!
I will be praying for your job and the health issues!
The Bargain Shopper Lady

Sheer Luck said...

Re: Your questions on my blog.

I seriously love Hen House for everything. Most of the non-sale stuff is pretty pricey. I've never had a complaint on their produce or fish. As far as coupon use goes, I've never been given a hassle. I haven't tried using internet/printed coupons, so I can't give advice on that.

Which Dillon's is closing? I've only been to the one near Shawnee-Mission Parkway. I've seen there is one in Leavenworth, but both are quite a drive for me.

As far as the trial sizes at Target. I went to the one off Barry Rd/I69 and they had it right under the pharmacy. If you walk in and turn left toward the laundry detergent, keep going. It's to the left before you get to the electronics. By the HBA stuff.

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