CVS... Easter Week

Can you belive this coming weekend is Easter?? I haven't picked up anything (until today) for the kiddos for Easter... yikes!!

CVS has a few items that are on sale with ECBs only today (3/16) and tomorrow (3/17). After a photo session today, I zipped by a CVS on my way home. They had all of the items that I need to kick out the ECBs.

Easter Eggs- plastic 6ct XL .99 Limit 2 ... ECBs .99 ($1.98 in ECBs received)
Jelly Beans .99 Limit 2... ECBs .99 ($1.98 in ECBs received)
Herhey's Pot of Gold 4.98 Limit 2... ECBS $4.98 ($9.98 in ECBs received)

Total $15.01
Used $5/$15
Made my pre-tax balance $8.92

added Orbit gum and Rolos (not pictured, because I was really hungry)

ECB used $10
oop 9 CENTS

ECBS received $13.94


Anonymous said...

The not pictured, I was really hungry comment cracks me up!

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