Free Laundry Detergent!! Dropps Laundry

Saw this post on Hooray for Freebates!! Check out their blog...

From Freebates:

I had never heard of Dropps, so this is a great chance to try a 20-load pack for free.
Dropps is a low sudsing laundry detergent that is compatible with many of the new HE washers that are popping up out there. It also works on standard washing machines. Their claim is "the fewer the suds, the bigger the clean." The detergent comes in packs you "drop" into the washer, which release the detergent. Anyway, I though I'd take a moment to describe this product since it's not a familiar one to a lot of us.

Try it free by completing the request form for a rebate certificate. They will email you a pdf file to print. To find a store near you that sells drops, visit this link. They also sell it on Amazon. Make your purchase by Feb 2, and submit by Feb 14.

In Kansas City, it appears this is at most Targets and Wal-Marts!


Lorelei said...

Hey! Thanks for referencing our post! Glad that you are finding our info useful! Did you get your dropps? :)

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